Jan. 30th, 2005

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Yeah, didn't wake up in my own bed. Hard to wake up when you don't really get to sleep. Have I mentioned that Faith and her boy-toy are really loud? Yeah. It's not a good thing.


So, yeah - went downstairs and met this kid named Brad. He's apparently a super hero or something in his world. So is this girl, Violet. Lots of super heroes here.

Talked to Meg again. She told me some stuff about her and Andrew. And her family. Apparently her father is the anthropo-something or other of Desire. (I'll figure that word out one of these days.)

Saw Andrew too. He's from May of 2003, so, he can't really tell me anything. I'm gonna guess there's some bad stuff happening soon, but kinda figured that, I live on the Hellmouth. Also, I can't tell him - the other him - anything about himself when I get back home. *If* I can get back home. Haven't tried that yet. Kinda afraid to try. Afraid to find out I might be stuck here or that, maybe, I can't get back.

Oh! I almost forgot, I met this guy - Daniel something or other (I forget, okay?) - and he's like really into ancient stuff - languages and cultures and stuff. He also told me he'd help me with my homework. He goes to other planets and talks to aliens and stuff. Way cooler than Buffy.


Ugh... sick... milkshake overload. Not doing that again.


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