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All right, so, took Isabel to Sunnydale. I guess she did all right - I've seen her around here lately, doing stuff.

Skip ahead... I get back to Milliways and have breakfast and chat with Richard a bit. We talked about Scotland, New Orleans and Sunnydale a little and I think I really confused him when I told him I was The Key and explained that - oops. Sorry, Richard.

Then, Buffy slides over to talk to me. There's the Angel stuff, the her blaming herself for the badness stuff, the repeat appearance of the 'I'm sorry' and the first appearance of 'hey, I know someone who can train you to fight and stuff' stuff and, of course, the nobody's perfect and it's not always nice being noticed stuff and, finally, the establishment that we do not, in fact, suck. Yay us!

Oh, this was weird, I met this girl - Mel, she's a Slayer from the future. Note to self: Don't mention this to ANYONE back home. She's pretty cool.

A couple days later, I met, The Flash - I think he's a superhero or something. I shared my pizza with Mel and I think that turtle, Mike, was gonna try to snag some too.

I helped Faith go through some of the Watcher diaries - she was looking for information about the Slayer-dreams that they get. Books weren't much help though. But, hey, Andrew in a pink tutu? - funny! And, special note: don't let Buffy die in Faith's place if Faith figures out that's what she's gotta do - which would suck, but that's how this whole Slayer gig works.

I fell asleep on the books while helping with the research, apparantly, and this nice, if strange, guy named, Hawkins came over to wake me up.

Kinda hungry, so, made my way to the bar and, who do I see? Zeke - it'd only been forever. Hey - he's nice to me, so, I talk to him. Plus, he hunts damned souls or something, not so different from what I'm used to really. Plus, he seemed to be lacking in funding, so, I got him lunch - on Nick's tab, but Nick said it was okay. I wouldn't have done it if I thought he'd mind.


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