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Oct. 21st, 2005 11:25 am
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BtVS canon is mostly intact, except that Dawn was always there. She was always part of the Summers family and raised as their daughter - there was no need for crazy monks to change people's memories. So, BtVS canon as is, but including Dawn as part of the events.

Sunnydale didn't turn into a crater - ie: Season 7 didn't happen, actually Season 6 didn't happen either, everything is different after the end of Season 5. Buffy died and was brought back, but all of the Spike/Buffy sex never happened. (I haven't worked out exactly what happened instead, but Buffy's arc was different, most of the rest was the same.) Dawn graduated high school and ended up going to UC Sunnydale for convenience and cheap-ness factor. Dawn isn't a klepto - at least, not the type that gets caught b/c she's doing it for attention; she's not a 'messed up kid'; since she was always part of the family, she doesn't have any of the 'baby howler monkey' feelings, just the feelings of being inferior to big sis... hence her 'I'm gonna do it better than you and actually GO to college and finish!'... and some of the other stuff too.

Spike - never had a crush on Buffy, never slept with Buffy, never fell in love with Buffy. He's still chipped and has no soul. He still lives in his cozy little crypt in the cemetary.

So, Dawn's at UCSunnyD and her roommate is other!Deo - and they are bad girls. How they are bad will be revealed as they enter the bar.

Also, other!Dawn resembles, quite a lot actually, Christina Aguilera.
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