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Name:Dawn Summers
Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:California, United States of America
Yeah, see, I used to be The Key - which was a glowy, green energy thing that was supposed to open the doors to all the dimensions. And this hell-bitch, Glory, was gonna kill me just so she could go home. Well, that didn't happen, thanks to Spike… and, well, yeah, my sister. Who really isn't my sister, she's a howler monkey we adopted. Okay, so that's not really true either. See, these monks needed to hide The Key, so they made me - from Buffy's blood, which… ew… but, anyway, they made me - a teenager with fake memories about the first 14 years of her life. Of course, these memories include stuff about all of Buffy's friends… and boyfriends… plus the fact that she's The Slayer.

Dawn is a few inches taller than her sister Buffy, has long-ish brown hair, brown eyes and she is not a 'little kid'. (She hates to be called that too.) She's thin, but not frail and pretty good with weapons - crossbow, sword, stuff like that.

Dawn comes to milliways_bar in the middle of the S7 episode "Potential".

Dawn's otherways biographical information can be found HERE

Dawn's diary entries will be in italics; all other entries will be in plain text.

This is a character journal for the RPG's milliways_bar and otherways. Dawn Summers belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. She's not mine.

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