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Jun. 19th, 2005 06:58 pm
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Dawn is about twenty years old; she's been in Chaos City since she was very young - as long as she can remember. She could have been Buffy's sister, but the monk's planned ahead; knowing that the Slayer would need to learn to depend on her friends - she had to be an only child to realize how important her friends are. So, the monks took Dawn before she was born and moved her to Chaos City.

She has parents - the family, all-in-all seems normal - and she's in school now, lives in her own place (only because she didn't want to live on campus). She's studying sevral things, but she seems overly interested in the paranormal and super natural - ghosts, werewolves, vampires, demons.

She doesn't know anything about being The Key, because she never was and isn't; she's just a girl. She was sent to Chaos City while The Key was still a 'glowy shimmer' that the monks watched over. The Key exists in Buffy's world, not Dawn's. However, the monks used Dawn's form and her memories and experiences to help shape the 'Dawn Summers' that The Key was made into as Buffy's sister.

So, Dawn is a pretty regular fixture around Chaos City. She goes to school and works a few hours a week at [a heretofore undisclosed job until mun can determine what she does].

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