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Dawn is sitting on the bed wearing a pair of jeans and a cropped top - and the collar, of course. But underneath her top is a fun little piece of jewelry for Bee to discover.
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Great - we have a Faith here again. I'll bet she'll just be all kicking and punching and trying to kill my sister again. We really need to work on this stuff.

Oh - and the new cool plan is to try to take out this creepy preacher guy. I knew there was a reason I didn't like church.
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I'm sure you know what lives behind these 'walls'...

from here

Dawn continues to her room, knowing that William is following...

NC-17 content perhaps...
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Okay, so OW! Spike threw something and hit me in the head. Bloody bastard. And, apparently, he's still got some thing or other jammed in his brain - some trigger or something. And then Giles put some other thing in his brain to get the trigger thing out and it got all weird.

Willow patched up my head - well, as much as we can ever really do any patching. So, now... guess I'll go upstairs and look at my head.
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BtVS canon is mostly intact, except that Dawn was always there. She was always part of the Summers family and raised as their daughter - there was no need for crazy monks to change people's memories. So, BtVS canon as is, but including Dawn as part of the events.

Sunnydale didn't turn into a crater - ie: Season 7 didn't happen, actually Season 6 didn't happen either, everything is different after the end of Season 5. Buffy died and was brought back, but all of the Spike/Buffy sex never happened. (I haven't worked out exactly what happened instead, but Buffy's arc was different, most of the rest was the same.) Dawn graduated high school and ended up going to UC Sunnydale for convenience and cheap-ness factor. Dawn isn't a klepto - at least, not the type that gets caught b/c she's doing it for attention; she's not a 'messed up kid'; since she was always part of the family, she doesn't have any of the 'baby howler monkey' feelings, just the feelings of being inferior to big sis... hence her 'I'm gonna do it better than you and actually GO to college and finish!'... and some of the other stuff too.

Spike - never had a crush on Buffy, never slept with Buffy, never fell in love with Buffy. He's still chipped and has no soul. He still lives in his cozy little crypt in the cemetary.

So, Dawn's at UCSunnyD and her roommate is other!Deo - and they are bad girls. How they are bad will be revealed as they enter the bar.

Also, other!Dawn resembles, quite a lot actually, Christina Aguilera.
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Yeah, okay, so stupid Andrew is making this stupid video of slayer stuff and he's really annoying... so, I'm just gonna lock myself away so he can't randomly film me doing stuff that is normal, but really not fun on film... c'mon, Andrew - just go away already, huh?

Get It Done

Jul. 3rd, 2005 03:06 pm
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Okay, so I was helping Buffy fold blankets and straighten some things up and we're talking about this big 'Emergency Bag' thing that Principal Wood gave her and I follow her out of the room, expecting to keep walking through the house down the hall...
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All right, so, took Isabel to Sunnydale. I guess she did all right - I've seen her around here lately, doing stuff.

Skip ahead... I get back to Milliways and have breakfast and chat with Richard a bit. We talked about Scotland, New Orleans and Sunnydale a little and I think I really confused him when I told him I was The Key and explained that - oops. Sorry, Richard.

Then, Buffy slides over to talk to me. There's the Angel stuff, the her blaming herself for the badness stuff, the repeat appearance of the 'I'm sorry' and the first appearance of 'hey, I know someone who can train you to fight and stuff' stuff and, of course, the nobody's perfect and it's not always nice being noticed stuff and, finally, the establishment that we do not, in fact, suck. Yay us!

Oh, this was weird, I met this girl - Mel, she's a Slayer from the future. Note to self: Don't mention this to ANYONE back home. She's pretty cool.

A couple days later, I met, The Flash - I think he's a superhero or something. I shared my pizza with Mel and I think that turtle, Mike, was gonna try to snag some too.

I helped Faith go through some of the Watcher diaries - she was looking for information about the Slayer-dreams that they get. Books weren't much help though. But, hey, Andrew in a pink tutu? - funny! And, special note: don't let Buffy die in Faith's place if Faith figures out that's what she's gotta do - which would suck, but that's how this whole Slayer gig works.

I fell asleep on the books while helping with the research, apparantly, and this nice, if strange, guy named, Hawkins came over to wake me up.

Kinda hungry, so, made my way to the bar and, who do I see? Zeke - it'd only been forever. Hey - he's nice to me, so, I talk to him. Plus, he hunts damned souls or something, not so different from what I'm used to really. Plus, he seemed to be lacking in funding, so, I got him lunch - on Nick's tab, but Nick said it was okay. I wouldn't have done it if I thought he'd mind.
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Right, so, Giles - not The First. Which is good.

Buffy and Xander have dates. Not sure how good that is. Xander has bad luck with dates that aren't Anya and Buffy's going out with the maybe-evil Principal.

Me? Oh, I just get to sit around listening to Giles ramble at the wannabes or something and doing more research.


And the dates end the way those things usually do here... Xander was strung up and stabbed to try to open the seal and Buffy and Wood had to take out some vamps and were interrupted by Spike letting them know that Xander's date had gone badly. Lots of pretty fun. Uh huh.

And, is it just me, or does Spike just not seem the same since this whole soul gig? He's not all fight-y like before. What's up with that anyway? And... I don't know really, why is all this stuff happening? And why does Xander suddenly want to be gay?

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Yeah, it's been a long time since I've written in here, but I just... I don't know why I didn't, but I'm writing now. the real reason is the LJ memories were on the fritz and mun couldn't get into them to actually DO this

Okay, so, I met this guy named John - he had a thing about his lighter. Kinda weird.

And talked to Nick again. He got me a a milkshake and said lots of stuff about presents. Sorry - that's what I remember. He was nice to me and stuff.

Then, there was Tim who was checking up on me and let me go back and face Angelus - I had said something about stabbing him, but I just couldn't do that. There was no way I could stab him knowing that Angel was in there somewhere.

The most fun, was watching Warren gape a Yoda and pushing him over. Okay, so, I didn't actually push Warren over, I just kinda tapped him on the shoulder and he fell over. I can't help it if he has issues standing up.

I talked to Meg which is always pretty cool and we looked at geeky pictures of the nerd trio.

Ack, then there was the Lake Party that I didn't go to. Bad memory things. Then, to make matters even more complicated... Buffy. *sigh*

But, let me just tell you that Richard - the barman in the morning - is the best ever! With the hot cocoa and the waffles and the marshmallows - Richard is awesome.

And I met a guy named Charlie who's in a rock band that I can't remember the name of. But he's met Oz. Huh, I haven't seen Oz since I've been here.

Of course, I had to give Brad a lesson in how to request items from the bar. He was being not-so-polite.

Oh, and the last bit? Talked to Angel, which didn't freak me out as much as I thought it might. So, I think we're okay there. Ditto with Faith. Though I am a bit concerned over her weird interest in babies.

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Okay, so, maybe it hasn't been a week, but it feels like it.

I don't know if I can write this all down, but I'll try - more because it might help than anything else. The whole ordeal still gives me the wiggins like you wouldn't believe, but staying in Tara's room is helping a bit. Alot.

Okay, so, I walked over to talk to Angel the other night - not really a bad thing. I like Angel all right and it was nice to see he'd decided he didn't need to be locked up anymore. So, I told him Warren got me drunk and he got all weird. Then, asked if I wanted to take a walk. Did you know there is a lake behind the bar? No one told me that. Of course, after what happened out there, I doubt I'll be able to enjoy it much.

Oh, that wasn't even the worst part. He took me back to his room - he was sweet and gentle and everything he was doing felt so good - and I can't believe I can still think that, but he was doing stuff and being nice to me and I really thought it was Angel and that he liked me, until Tim came in and threw him across the room. I really don't remember much of what happened after that, except that Tim gave me shoes.

After that, I just ran away to hide and cry. What else was I supposed to do? I didn't know who to talk to or who to ask for help. And I didn't really want any. I just wanted to be alone. Away. Then this guy named Nick came into the laundry room and started talking to me. Apparently he's a bisexual vampire, which - weird, but okay, I guess. I mean, that could be why I told him about the stuff with Angelus - not in detail. And he told me what happened to Faith - which, I think Tim kinda mentioned when he came to get Angelus, but I really don't remember.

He told me I wasn't stupid for falling for Angelus' tricks and that he'd been through a similar thing when he was made into a vampire. Which kinda makes me feel better. And, he doesn't like Buffy all that much - which makes me feel even better. I mean, do you have any idea how many people just LOVE Buffy? Everywhere I go, I hear about all the great things she's done and how perfect she is. *gag* Even better - he offered to take me shopping and not just mall shopping, REAL shopping! Which is *so* cool - even if I have to go with Faith.

Did you know that Nick was a car once? I don't know exactly how he managed that, but it sounds pretty cool.

Nick got me a new room - next to Connor and Faith's new room (which I think is just Connor's room, but it wasn't far from Faith's old room) and down the hall from Nick's room. Which is kinda nice, really. Well, it would be if I could sleep there. I talked to Connor too - when I went up to my new room, after talking to Nick. He looked really tired and worried and kinda pissed. I mean, I get why - since he cares alot about Faith and all - but it's not the most comforting thing to see a guy like him all worried.

So, yeah, couldn't sleep - well, couldn't sleep without something akin to nightmares - so, I sneaked down into the bar... and things were suddenly far better than they had been. Tara. I love Tara. She always tries to help. She said I could stay in her room until stuff is better and she said she'd put up wards and protective spells and make me a protective amulet. See, that's why I love Tara. But, I was so tired; I just needed to get some sleep. I did ask her to let Nick and Faith know that I was staying in Tara's room.

I did sleep better last night. Make that, I actually slept last night. I like Tara's room. I like the wards on the door. And the books make it homey - familiar-feeling. I've really missed Tara. Really missed her. Since Buffy never had time for me and Willow's got her new girlfriend and the only person who seems to talk to me is Andrew and sometimes he's such a big geek that I just can't talk to him. And all the little wanna-bes running around? They make me crazy. And I liked this place - Milliways - alot before the other night. Stupid Angelus. Remind me to give him a swift kick when I see him again.
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