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Oct. 27th, 2005 09:49 pm
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Week One:

Roommate - v. werid, but not in a Kathy-the-demon-girl kind of way. More in a slutty-sex-bomb way. It's kind of wiggin' me out. I mean, it's only the first week of school and I've seen her sucking face with four different guys. Not to mention the dry humping. Geez, get a room. Oh right... this is her room. Weird girl.

Classes - classes are pretty standard stuff. I mean, a couple look to be real snoozers, but the prof's are kinda cute.

Two and a half months into the school year:

Roommate report: Still slutty sex-bomb-like, lots of guys. She's always telling me about her sexcapades. How many times, positions, locations, getting caught, even the group sex.

And the other day... I saw her kissing a girl. I mean, that's cool and all, I just thought she was into guys only.


I have homework.

Six months in:

3 February: Okay, so, like how, exactly, does she do this? All this sex? How does she get people to want to sleep with her? I need to find this out. Or something.

4 February: Right. Bit the bullet and just asked her. She told me I had to do a couple things first. Guess I'll get to work on that... a sex journal - this is so weird, but I'm so fucking horny. I'll get on the sex journal, right after we finish cleaning out my closet...


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