Feb. 1st, 2005

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So, yeah, not gonna try to put dates on these entries from Milliways anymore - since I don't have any idea what the date is and barely an idea of the day. I know today's a Tuesday.

Well, the bar has pizza and these things called paradoxes that Snow told me about. They're really good. I have no idea how to explain the taste, but they're good.

Then Angel sat down next to me... *meep*. He told me he paid Anya to tell him stuff about what's gonna happen in the future - his future anyway. I don't know why he wanted to know, but now he does. He talked a lot about Buffy. Just like everyone else.

He kinda made up for it though by offering to teach me how to fight. And where does he choose for this lesson? His room in the staff quarters. Yeah. Totally cool! So, he told me to hit him, which didn't work out so well. So, the lesson continues and he asks if I'm ready for him to attack me - which, *meep*, but yeah. His first attack? Yeah - vamp face. Can we say NOT scary?

Then, oops, I mentioned Spike and a wall-hitting incident, which, like I told Angel, may not be a real memory. Since the monks dumped all that stuff in my head, I have a hard time sorting out what's real and what's not.

Anyway, back to the fighting lesson - he puts the mattress on the floor and throws me down on it - which is not really as fun as it might sound. Then he pinned my hands over my head (still not kinky Faith-like fun, trust me) and asks how I'd get away. Well, duh, a knee to the groin would get it done. Freaked him out... not as much as the next 'defensive option' I offered. What? He asked for another tactic and this one worked - he moved - why did he think it was such a problem? So, he's flipping out and wanking about Spike teaching me to kiss or something - which, Spike never did. Yeah right. Nibblet gets kissing lessons from the vampire with a crush on the Slayer? Never happen.

But, Angel did say that I was already good at kissing, which means he was paying attention to something about me. Of course, he said I should go right after that. Guess I wasn't good enough.


Not good, not good, not good... Faith has lost her powers and it's not that kooky slayer test from the Watchers.

I kinda told her about being The Key, but don't know how much help that was. I'm not much help with stuff like that, I guess.
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That was very strange. I ran away from Angel, ran through the door and ended up on the sidewalk outside the house. At least I didn't fall off the roof.

So, first - Angel's being a dork and locking himself in the cells because he's afraid he'll be Angelus again or something like that. How, exactly, does that work if he can't lose his soul while he's at Milliways? There is definitely something bad going on there. And I don't know how to get back.


22 January 2003 (late evening... damned vampires)

So, yeah, I'm not a potential slayer. I don't know whether that sucks or that's a good thing. Jury's still out.

How do I know? Yeah, well, when a vampire attacks you and none of those inherent skills kick in, you gotta hand the weapon over to the girl who has 'em.

Xander thinks I'm cool though. Extraordinary, actually. Thanks alot, Xander, made me cry.


Addendum to earlier entry... really, thanks Xander. No one says stuff like that to me - ever.


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