Feb. 4th, 2005

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This covers the last couple days or so... I'm a little behind on these.

Right, so Xander, Anya, Andrew and I are driving out to find Giles, but when I get out of the car, I end up just outside Milliways. Not exactly where I expected - or wanted - to be. Seriously. After all that stuff with Angel the other day, nope. Don't wanna be here. Might have to go talk to him or something. Later.

So, this lady - Isabel - comes up to me and starts talking to me; asking if I need help or whatever. Which, no, I'm fine - was fine. Still fine. But, she got all weird when I told her I was from Sunnydale. I found out why: crazy chic wants to go to Sunnydale with me. Is she nuts?

Apparently, the reason she wants to go: to meet her boyfriend's (Warren's) mom. I mean,
really. Sunnydale's about to freakin' explode and she wants to go there? Not to mention Buffy would kill me for doing something like that.

But, Isabel's an alien so she'll be fine. But that doesn't mean that people won't see her!

Whatever. Stupidly, I agree to take her to Sunnydale. But if she gets stuck, that's her problem, not mine.

We did talk a bit about Warren and how she met him and stuff. Oh, and I did tell her about Willow looking like Warren. Which is still really creepy.

I don't know what the thing with Willow is - why she looks like Warren all of a sudden (Willow doesn't either) - but it's very scary. She'll figure it out though. She's good at stuff like that.

Speaking of Warren - he asked me if I wanted a drink. I don't think he was hitting on me, because - girlfriend, but he's weird. Anyway... he gets me a screwdriver - ewwww. Orange juice is okay, but only for breakfast. So, he gets me whiskey instead - yay! Good stuff too. Better than Spike's.

He asked me about Janice and our Halloween exploits. He asked what I stole, I asked what he stole and somewhere in there, I let slip that Willow looks like Warren. Oops.

Cue: Confused and scared-looking Warren. He sputtered some random stuff - I don't remember what he said really. He threw me off when he said bad stuff about Spike. So, I had to know why he doesn't like Spike. And there was talk of sex and Anya and Buffy and Jonathan doing spells to look like other people and how it's bad for people to turn into Warren.

Everything after that is a big blank until I went upstairs and passed out. Very very bad idea to drink the whiskey. Very very bad.

**Note to self - do NOT tell Angel you got drunk!


Yesterday, Ugh, hangover - why didn't anyone tell me that would happen? Oh, and the bowl of marbles - not a good hangover remedy. Trust me.

I met this girl with blue hair who looks a lot like Tara - with blue hair. She gave me water and asprin - I think it helped.

Her name is Echo. She was nice, but seemed a bit distracted at the end of our talk. Huh.


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